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    Creating List of New Products removing existing/old ones

    Leon Mclean

      Hello Tableau team!


      I am looking for some help creating a list (string) of products that are NEW v/s the previous week while removing the products that are active this week and last week.


      The issue is that i do not have an exact date, the fields i am able to pull into the data set are [Week] [Month] and [Year] as numbers E.g. [Week] = 21 // [Month] = 5 // [Year] = 2018. Because of this, it is making it a bit more complicated extracting WoW data.


      I am currently defining a product as 'Active' with the following Calculated Field: IF [Revenue] > 0.001 THEN "Active" ELSE "InActive" END


      Desired Outcome (minus bottom two) e.g.


      Select: Week 26


      Week 26Revenue
      X (New product - show in table)$23
      Y (New product - show in table)$567
      Z (New product - show in table)$789
      A (not new - hide from table)$111
      B (not new - hide from table)$222



      Any help here is much appreciated!