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    Circumvent around Grand Totals and Subtotal Rows

    Bill W

      Morning Tableau Friends,


      I attempting to try to figure out a way to have my table calc not factor in my SubTotal or Grand Total Rows within the view.


      I've set up a Table calculation in order to identify when values have changed per the previous month:

      [Value Delta (Color Filter)]

      IF SUM([Value]) > LOOKUP(SUM([Value]), -1) THEN 'Pos Change'

      ELSEIF SUM([Value]) < LOOKUP(SUM([Value]), -1) THEN 'Neg Change'

      ELSE 'Same'



      However, unfortunately this also impacts the Sub-Total and Grand Total lines as well.


      Is there a way to have it "skip" over these rows and not change the color of the those values? Maybe using the set or something?


      Thanks for your time.