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    sheet selector in tableau server

    Sajad Rah

      I have a problem  with tableau server, I have 3 data source in daily, weekly and monthly level with sales column how we can show a line graph which is selectable with a parameter in dashboard like sheet selector in tableau desktop, can I use sheet selector in tableau server like tableau desktop or not?

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Sajad


          If you have Tableau Desktop then you should be able to create what you need in that and when you publish to Tableau Server you should be able to interact just as you did in Desktop.




          Is your issue that you want to build some functionality directly within Tableau Server via the web authoring function?


          Please clarify what it is you're actually trying to achieve, ideally by including a packaged workbook with sample data if need be, and screenshots of what you're trying to do.  Please also advise what version of Tableau Desktop/Server you have, as if you are trying to use te web wuthoring functionality directly in Tableau Server, then these capabilities have changed significantly with recent releases.




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            Sajad Rah

            Dear Donna


            Thanks for your reply, I use from Tableau 10.4.0 now in Desktop version and

            now in my new company we use from tableau server.

            So in Tableau Server we have a tableau desktop version which we can work

            with this, right?

            I am confuse what is relation between Tableau Desktop and Online and

            Server, In my study in tableau site I understand when we

            install tableau server we have a tableau desktop too that can work whit

            this and publish it in to tableau server or site.

            So if we can do anything in tableau desktop 10.4.0 so I can publish it and

            work with

            Am I right?



            Thanks in advanced for your answer and time



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              Donna Coles


              In a nutshell Tableau Server provides the ability to share & collaborate on workbooks and dashboards via a web interface.  Server is hosted by your company, Tableau Online is Tableau's cloud offering of server (ie Tableau are hosting a Tableau server for you).


              You can't have Tableau Server without having at least 1 Desktop Licence in v10.4 (the licensing model is changing with v2018 releases), as you can't add any data sources to Server without using Desktop to publish to it. You can then either use web authoring capabilities on the server to create dashboards, or you create them in Desktop and publish to server for use by others.  Desktop has a lot richer functionality that the web authoring capabilties of server, although the gap is closing with every release of Tableau.


              Please have a read of Tableau's webiste to understand the different products in more depth : Products


              If you want to employ a sheet swapping technique, I think you'd need to build this report in Tableau Desktop, and then just publish it to Tableau Server.  If you're familiar with Tableau Public at all (Free Data Visualization Software | Tableau Public ) , then all the visualisations you see there have been created with a Tableau Desktop instance, so you can get an idea of the capabilities of viewing a dashboard on server.  Tableau Public is essentially just Tableau's free instance of Tableau Server.




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                Sajad Rah

                Dear Donna

                Thanks in advanced for your good and complete description. I got it


                Best Regard


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