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    Announcing 2018.2: Dashboard extensions, a new TSM experience, spatial joins, and more

    Amanda Boyle

      The newest release of Tableau is here! In Tableau 2018.2, there’s a variety of exciting features, including the ability to personalize your Tableau experience to fit your workflow with dashboard extensions, administer Tableau Server easily from the browser with Tableau Services Manager, join data sources based on geospatial data with spatial join, and use new dashboard formatting tools to make your dashboards even more beautiful.


      Read all the details in the official Tableau Blog here: Now available in Tableau: Dashboard extensions, a new TSM experience, spatial joins, and so much more | Tableau Software


      We’d like to extend a huge thank you to the 16,000 beta testers who tried the Tableau 2018.2 beta. Your time and energy has made this release one of our best yet. Get the newest version of Tableau and if you’d like to be involved in future beta programs, sign up today.


      Here is the list of all the Ideas we have flipped to "released" with this launch:

      Connect to Oracle Eloqua from Tableau

      Connect to Marketo from Tableau


      Logarithmic scale on axis - no negatives allowed!

      ISO8601 WeekDate rules applied in Tableau

      Spatial Join (v. 11.0) Join (v. 11.0)

      Data-driven alert warning when add recipients who do not have permission


      Check out the Ideas forum in the community to see all of the features that have been incorporated based on your feedback. And be sure to continue adding ideas to inspire our development team—we couldn’t do it without you!