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    How to assign an individual mark style per measure?

    Michael L

      Tableau version: 2018.1.3

      Input table has 3 columns (timestamp, value, isSpecial).

      The column isSpecial is 0 or 1

      I am trying to build this plot:

      X-axis: timestamp Y-axis: value (marked as a line) and the special_value (marked as a circle) 

      I created the custom SQL:

      SELECT timestamp, value, CASE isSpecial WHEN 0 THEN NULL ELSE  value END as special_value FROM mytable 

      I added the columns "value" and "special_value" to the measurements values. Also, I formatted "special_value" to hide NULLs.

      I want to plot "value" as a line and the "special_values" as a circle and Tableau does not allow me to select the different marks styles for different measures on the same plot.