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    Maximum number of backgrounders on a worker node

    Hariesh Balasundaram



      We are working on upgrading our Tableau infrastructure and planning to have 2 worker nodes. 1st worker node that will handle VIZQL, Application and cache processes and the other would just take care of backgrounder. Since we have number of refreshes every hour, we would like to have at least 10 backgrounder. Our concern was can we have 10 backgrounder on a single worker node that has a configuration of 16 core and 194 gigs RAM on a VMware machine?


         Primary node and worker node setup would look similar to this,


      Primary - 8 Core

      Worker 1 - 16 Core

      Worker 2 - 16 Core

      PS: The number of cores and server processes might not match.


      After going through few whitepapers and forums, looks like it is advisable to have cache process on the backgrounder node so added 4 processes on worker II.


      Can someone please confirm if this looks more robust from an infrastructure point?


      Thank you in advance!