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    Stacked Bar chart

    Sami N


      i would like to show a stacked chart  where i marked the dates as previous month and current month( today being July 30th)

      my date data is having max date as 30th July


      i would like to show stacked bar chart for actual sales for previous month and current month ( 2 bars for these) and the stacked colour on top of these two are -  as completed and forecasted

      completed : will be any prevoius months

      forcasted will be average value for the month * number of days remaining. 


      it will show previous month as a single bar as the month is full

      but current month should show sales for the 30 days month and 1 day as average ( assume constant 20 units) for remaining days

      like if the month has 20 working days and today is the 19th working day with 380 units as sales  the forecast should say 20 units in a stacked bar


      Marker                    sales

      Prevoius month           450

      Current month           380

      Forecasted                20


      is this possible?