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    Self updating dashboard actions

    John Conlon



      I'm trying to figure out how to get a worksheet to collapse using an action filter when the collapsing worksheet is also the source for the action.  You can see on the Trends dashboard of the attached twbx there is Region, State, City and Postal Code all in one view.  I would like for only one sheet to be visible at a time and when a trend line in the view is clicked the next view comes up and the prior view collapses.  For example, click on West in the Region view and Region collapses and State expands filtered for all states in the West region.  Similarly, when California is clicked in the State view then State collapses and City expands filtered for all states in California.


      The closest that I've been able to find is a blog post by Joshua Milligan where he mentions "yes, actions can even update the view that trigger them!", but I haven't had a lot of success in getting it to work.  Thanks for the help.


      I'm using Tableau 10.3.