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    Aster SSL Tableau Desktop


      Does anyone know or have experience in connecting Tableau with SSl enabled ASTER DB

      as Tableau Desktop does not have SSL Enable tick box when connecting to Tableau, does that mean it will not support SSL connection?


      We tried configuring ODBC ASTEr with SSL, but it wont connect, and we tried Other ODBC , it connects but with error and many functionality gets missed out


      Is there a feature request for having this as an option on the connection screen in the desktop?

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          Hello Jyoti,


          Thank you for reaching out to the Tableau Community Forums. Doing some research the ability to connect to Aster DB with SSL is not yet built into the product. There is a potential workaround for the user to use a .tdc file to modify the connections.


          + Using a .tdc File with Tableau Server | Tableau Software


          + Customize and Tune ODBC Connections


          As a possible workaround, use a *.tdc file to modify the connection:


          Important: Tableau does not test or support TDC files. These files should be used as a tool to explore or occasionally address issues with your data connection. Creating and maintaining TDC files requires careful manual editing, and there is no support for sharing these files.


          Download and edit the attached aster-ssl.tdc file


          Replace {pathToCertFile} to the file path of the certificate.

          Save the aster-ssl.tdc in C:\Users\{username}\Documents\My Tableau Repository\Datasources path

          {username} should be replaced by Windows user name.



          When using SSL enabled to connect to Astera Database in Tableau Desktop, the .tdc should be modified to something like the following:


          <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?>

          <connection-customization class='asterncluster' enabled='true' version='8.10'>

          <vendor name='asterncluster'/>

          <driver name='asterncluster'/>


                <customization name='odbc-connect-string-extras' value='EnableSSL=1;SSLCertificatepath={pathToCertFile}'/>




          Please add an idea to the Tableau Community Ideas to show support for this feature to be added to the Tableau Data connections in the future.


          + Ideas


          Hope this helps!



          Byrne, Patrick