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    Cascading quick filters using Multiple dropdown option

    Lohith kumar

      Hi ,



      I having Region ,Sub region filters both are Multiple values  drop downs  and i have selected only relevant values option in Sub region filter.

      so my sub region filter is getting filtered based on the values selected in the region filter this was working fine, i have one issue in one scenario like


      In region filter i have selected one value "A", my sub region having 3 values which are related to Region "AA","AAA","AAAA".

      after that i have un-checked the value "AAAA" from the Sub region filter and i have selected all option in Region , but sub region filter was not reseted to all values it was showing all values but values are not checked.


      i have attached the screen shot using super , actually in real time i am facing issue with region and sub region.



      If any one has faced the  issue please assist me.





      Thank you,