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    Max Month in Year

    Nitin Uppal

      I want to calculate latest month in an year without using MAX, WINDOW_Max or any function that makes my calculation aggregated.




      Jan 2016

      Feb 2016

      March 2016

      Jan 2017

      Feb 2017

      March 2017

      Apr 2017

      Jan 2018

      Feb 2018

      Mar 2018

      Apr 2018

      May 2018


      My output should be :



      March 2016


      May 2017

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          Ankit Bansal



          Any reason why you do not want to use max? You can try LOD which you can use with other dimensions also in your view:


          {fixed year(date): max(month(date)) }

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            Jim Dehner



            you can use {fixed:max(month)}   the lod expression is not aggregated even though it contains max(month) - Lod expressions form a different layer in your data but they are not aggregated in themselves - they can be further aggregated in nested LOD, regular calculations or table calculations




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