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    replace tableau data source issue(version 2018.1)

    runsun cao

      #since I can't  connect the bigdata data source directly on my pc, so I tried to download one excel file(for develop) from production server and then start develop the tableau workbook on my local pc.

      #I have tried to make all the column names of the excel file consistent with the bigdata table.

      #after I finished the local development jobs, I copy the twbx file onto the production server.

      #then I create a new connection point to the bigdata source on the production server then I tried to replace the datasource from excel file to bigdata table.

      #some issue happens I really don't Understand why, looks like tableau can't recognize this action(actually I renamed excel columns in workbook and create some calculation columns for development jobs, I think this is a normal change)

      #I can't understand why this issue happen? and how can I solve this issue.




      thanks all.

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          Naveen B

          Hi Runsun,


          Replacing a Data Source


          > Columns should be same

          > Data Types should be same

          > any fields in the original data source (for example, calculated fields, groups, sets, parameters, etc.), should also exist in the new data source. If not, then you may want to manually copy and paste these fields to the new data source before replacing the old one.


          then only your replace works fine


          hope this helps could you please explain what are the issues you are facing , if there any mismatch in the fields use the replace preferences


          Kindly mark this answer as complete or helpful so that it will help others




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            runsun cao

            Hi Naveen,

              Really thanks for you Kindly suggestion. I do a test on my local.

              i tried to replace the workbook which contain all my calculation columns and objects with another excel file(just a copy of my raw excel file source  ), the replace successfully, but I can see some fields's status become invalid, but the dashboard still working.... but when i do the same thing except the target data source is a big data table , the replace action failed.



            屏幕快照 2018-07-30 下午9.18.20.png


            so you are saying, if I need to change the data source from an excel file to a rdbms table, the only way I can do is  copy and paste these fields to the new data source(a table)?

            that means, I need to rename all the columns which I done in workbook again  against to the table columns, then I need to paste all calculation column logic against to the tables, i

            need to recreate all set creation as well?





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              Naveen B

              No Need for creating agian runsun,


              Connect to new data source so that in datasource pane you will see two data source go to the excel sources


              drag all the calculation to new sheet , once you dragged all the calculations replace the datasources automatically your calculations will be copied to big data datasource




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                runsun cao

                hi naveen,

                    I tried to follow your guide, but looks like I can't find how to do it. forgive

                the noob, can you do me a favor send a screenshot for how to (drag all the calculation to new sheet)?


                below is my screenshot,

                a is my original datasource, b is the new data source which don't contain one calculation fields in a. I want to do a test follow your guide.

                屏幕快照 2018-07-30 下午10.03.16.png





                really thanks.....