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    Formatting Subtotals at different levels

    Andrew Hills

      Hi All,


      I'm hoping this is a pretty obvious one - I struggle a lot with Tableau's formatting logic some times.


      I have a simple table with 1 measure in it (Sales). On the Left, I have three nested fields (ProdType, Market, Customer) - here each product type is split into the Home/Export Market options, and then further split by customer. Pretty basic stuff.

      By Adding all Subtotals and not the Grand Total, I have 2 levels of Total. 1 summing up all the Customers in the market, and 1 adding the Markets together so I have a total for the ProdType. Exactly what I want.



      The problem is I was to format the two subtotals different (On larger and in bold, One a different colour and italics)....While I can get the individual subtotal Headers to do that - I can't get the actual values to do it.


      Am I missing something obvious?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!