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    How to create new calculated field on Dimension value

    Helena Vlckova


      please, could you help me?

      I have one column KPI list and second column - KPI value. I need to create new KPI (calculated field, based on current KPIs).

      For example - in current KPI column is "Total number of FTEs" and "FTEs in group A" and "FTEs in group B" and I need to calculate percentage (group A/total, group B/total)..

      I tried something, but it didn't work






      Department KPI Value
      1 FTE 150
      1 FTE group A 50
      1 FTE group B 100
      2 FTE 200
      2 FTE group A 50
      2 FTE group B 150



      FTEs by groups:
      department 1
      group A 33,33%
      group B 66,67%
      department 2
      group A 25,00%
      group B 75,00%