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    Color Filtering for only the Top % of items in that filter to display on the graph

    Blyton Pereira

      Hello everyone


      I have attached the workbook that I am having some trouble with.


      Please refer to the bottom graph on the sheet called'' FV by Country''.


      I would like to display a color filtering on this graph. For this color filtering I would like to use the dimension called ''Brand Measure 4''. Basically this dimension shows all the brands, however there are many brands (100 +). I would like a conditional format color calculation to show different colors that represent only the Top 10 Brands that make up the biggest percentage of this filter, and the remaining brands to be one color, probably called 'Others'. The Top 10 brands can probably be summarised by the brands taht make the biggest share of the % of the bars.


      Can you pls guide me on the formula for the table calculation to make this happen.



      Thanks for your help in advance.