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    Cannot drag Dimension onto Color (works for Label)

    Bobby Rohrkemper

      I'm working on the very first getting started tutorial (Getting Started ) and have an issue with reproducing the chart shown in the video. I've followed these actions:


      - drag Market dimension to columns

      - Quantity Measure to clumns

      - Category Dimension to rows

      - Segment Dimension to rows


      With "Marks" to "Automatic". When attempting to drag the Market Dimension to Color, it will not accept this and I see a circle with a diagonal line through it.

      Alternatively, dragging the market dimenion to Label does work and produces the expected labels.


      With "Marks" set to "Bar" instead it does work and I can drag to color.


      I had the same issue with another workbook containing my own data as I do with this tutorial. This is Tableau Desktop 2018.1 (trial version) on Windows 7.


      So it seems that I've found a workaround (compared to the tutorial video) when I explicitly set Marks to bar. But could someone explain why it does not work for me as shown in the video?


      Screenshot below.