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    Flow diagram based on only one field of the data along different visits

    Nerea Cid Vieytes

      Hi  Tableau enthusiasts,


      I believe all Sankey examples out there show the transitions between a main category and a subcategory. My use-case is somehow different and I am sure someone faced this problem before as this type of graph is very common in ecommerce. I am talking about a flow diagram or a Sankey diagram that it is built based on the same field but along two different consecutive visits (with the same visitorid).


      For example let's say we are talking about which channel did the customer use to come to our website, the data will look something like:


      visitid        visitorid      channel        servertime

      1234         55              Google         2018-05-07 12:44

      1255         60               Direct          2018-05-07 12:12

      1287         55               Direct          2018-05-07 12:44

      1257         60               SEO            2018-05-07 12:12

      1265         57              Google        2018-05-07 12:12

      1267         57              SEO            2018-05-08 12:12


      In this case I would like to see that 2 visitors came first via Google (55, 57) and 50% of those change to Direct and 50% to SEO. There was also one visitor (60) who came Direct and 100% of those went to SEO.


      Any ideas?


      Thank you!