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    Flexible Bi-weekly formula

    Melody H

      Hi guys,


      Currently I have a bi-weekly formula like this:


      'WK '+

      STR({ FIXED FLOOR( DATEPART('week',[Date],'Monday')/2):MIN(DATEPART('week',[Date],'Monday'))}) +

      " & " +

      STR({ FIXED FLOOR( DATEPART('week',[Date],'Monday')/2):MAX(DATEPART('week',[Date],'Monday'))})


      but in my tableau report it shows double week 30.



      The filter/sets that I use is last N weeks (In this case i took last 4 bi-weekly) and excluding today's week (So week 31 is not included).


      So instead of the combination of (Wk24&25 - Wk26&27 - Wk28&29 - Wk30&30), I want the combination of (Wk23&24 - Wk25&26 - Wk27&28 - Wk29&30).


      Thanks in advance