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    Want to switch careers from clinical healthcare to data.

    Darren Dhanpat

      Hello everyone,

      I am interested in learning tableau and my possibilities in seeking a career change with it. I currently work in healthcare in radiology for the past 15 years. I am a mri technologist and I also have a degree in software programming, a degree in Radiography and a degree in business. I really don't want to seek another degree. I am thinking about doing a course via the tableau website and through udemy for tableau. Can anyone offer suggestions how I can utilize my current backgrounds so I can switch careers into data. I am ready to leave the clinical background, but would like to utilize my knowledge and experiences in business intelligence for healthcare. What course, route, portfolio to develop, how to seek new jobs can anyone offer suggestions? My wife and I live in florida and plan to move to california in early 2019.


      Thanks in advance.