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    How to calculate margin impact?

    Javi Javi



      I am starting on Tableau and i am pretty lost. Firstly. I would like to thank every people that support begginers like me in this community.


      Here I go:

      I would like to create a table that calculate a Customer margin impact over a week margin. I mean:


      I have 3 fileds: Turnover, Grosswin and Margin for every customer (that can win or lose grosswin)


      Example done by excel:

      (Margin= Grosswin/Turnover)


      Margin impact is calculated:

      =(GROSSWIN from "2016-05") / (TURNOVER from "2016-05")-(GROSSWIN from "2016-05") - Grosswin from "Customer X") / (TURNOVER from "2016-05")-Turnover from "Customer X")




      But, how could I do something like that in Tableau?

      Many thanks. Regards!