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    how to add numbers and percent for multiple measures?


      I have some measures, for which I want to display numbers and percents of total row .

      currrently I can get to work either percent or numbers in the sheet.


      I have this working in tableau


      but I want to display like this.


      FieldNo PubCountNo PubPercentSend PubCountSend PubPercentGrand Total
      Count of Do Not Send Publication2189517%10728083%129175
      Distinct count of m NumPerLivUnit 2012%088%0
      M 0 5 Member35402594729487
      M 11 15 Member247417%1205983%14533
      M 16 20 Member243818%1105282%13490
      M 1Plus Engage361416%1920384%22817
      M 21 25 Member292522%1031678%13241
      M 26 30 Member170821%633979%8047
      M 2Plus Engage45214%281586%3267
      M 31 35 Member106120%432380%5384
      M 36 40 Member58718%264882%3235
      M 3Plus Engage4913%33087%379
      M 41 45 Member46221%174679%2208
      M 46 50 Member22421%85379%1077



      I am new to this community please let me know what options I have to display data both in numbers and percent.


      Thanks in advance