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    How to do a sum of max or attr


      I have data structured similarly to the table below:


      Cat!   Cat2   Count

      A        a1           321

      A        a2           321

      A        a3           321

      A        a4           321

      B        b1           843

      B        b2           843

      C        c1           754

      C        c2           754

      C        c3           754

      C        c4           754

      C        c5           754

      D        d1           174

      D        d2           174


      That is, the value of column Count is the same for all records that share the same Cat1 (artifact of a table join on Cat1).  I can't figure out how to get a proper total of Cat1 that would be the sum of distinct values.  So in this case, the total would be 321+843+754+174. Feels like I'm missing something really obvious.