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    Calculation to put most repeated dimension in group A, and all others in group B

    James D

      Hello. Hopefully someone knows the answer. I want to make a pie chart with 2 slices, group A and group B.


      1. My data has hundreds of values in the dimension I want to use for the group calculation.
      2. I want a calculation to put all of the values in the dimension into 2 groups: group A is the most repeated value by itself, and group B is all other values.


      E.g., say my values are House, House, House, House, Car, Carrot, Truck, Mouse, Mouse, Mouse--that's 10 records.

      I want group A to include only House (most repeated), and I want Group B to include all others: Car, Carrot, Truck, Mouse.

      Then if I drag the group calc to color, and number of records to size, it will show a pie chart with group A representing 40% of the pie, and group B representing the other 60%.