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    Choosing a connecting filter Dimension to enable sheet filter

    Jyothi Nagarajan



      I have a Dashboard that contains two worksheets.


      Worksheet 1:

      Bar chart of number work items in 4 different status that have exceeded SLA


      Open ---------------> 4

      Closed ---------->3

      In process --------------------------->10

      Cancelled --> 1


      Worksheet 2:

      List of work items

      Work item#      Work item name   Work item status  



      The worksheet 1 is enabled as Filter.


      Action: I click on the bar that says "Closed" on worksheet 1


      Expected Behaviour: Only the 3 items that have exceeded SLA should appear on the Worksheet 2

      Actual Behaviour: All the items (more than 3) that have status as Closed appear on Worksheet 2


      How would I go about correcting this? If I add Work item# as a "Detail" on Worksheet 1, it works - but the bar chart has boxes for all the work items.