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    Want to know if measure values exist across dimension's values

    Christina Hampton

      My data has a dimension (Runs) and a Measure (Scores) - and I want to know if "0" appears in both dimensions. It'll be easier to show (which is probably why I haven't found the answer)




      Result Values

      FileDesired Value
      File1Both Scored
      File2Missing Run2
      File3Missing Both


      At which point I could answer the questions: what percentage of files didn't score in the first run? ...in the second run? ...in either run?


      My "zero" scores were originally nulls, but they seemed harder to deal with and so I changed the data to zero (which wouldn't be a valid score anyway). I could change it back.


      There are other dimensions to this data (topic, path, etc) - so each file could have multiple scores - HOWEVER, if it has a zero score that should be the ONLY score for that file. It's only zero if no other scores were provided.


      I know people like to see work done - however I've gone down so many rabbit holes that I'm not sure it'll do any good. I've been trying to do calculated fields with conditionals - but I'm obviously not building them properly.