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    Set a filter with one value always selected and let user to choose others?

    Alan He

      I want to create a table with a filter for use to select and compare things:

      Say I have a variable Var, containing values A, B, C, D, E. I want to have a filter so that an user can select one of A B C D, meanwhile E is always selected. So the selected one and the fixed E can be display in one single table.


      What is the best approach to achieve this?


      Edit 1: I attached a .xlsx example to illustrate this:

      in data tab, the sample data contains CategoryA and CategoryB, and some values (ValueC, ValueD, ValueE).

      in table tab, the table is arranged by CategoryA and CategoryB. CategoryB has three values product1, product2, product3. Ideally, the user may choose to display product1 or product2, while product3 is always selected.