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    Current quarter up to the current completed week

    Tony Smith

      Hi All,


      Can someone please help me with the query below?


      I have attached a quarterly report to this query.  At the moment the quarter to quarter report works for Q1, Q3 and Q4.  However for Q2 which is the current quarter accord to the BBCA calendar, it gives me all the sales values for Q2.  I only want to see the sales for the current quarter up to the current completed week.


      To determine the current BBCA completed week I have added a calendar to the report.


      Using the BBCA week in fin year field the current week is 1921, however I want to see data for a complete week which is 1920 and not week 1921 which has not yet completed.  If I run the report on the 29th July 2018 when we will have completed week 1921, the current week will be 1921.