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    Merge Area Graph (Total Market Shared) with a line graph with MS for several markets

    Cecilia Mariel Gómez


      I need to combine two chart types.

      1. The area graph will contain the total market shared during periods of time for the total market ( Green area- total market)
      2. The line graph will contain each line for the selected markets to analyze.  Each line is a different market.


      I create a graph with a dual axis to merge, however the metric on the second graph has a formula with a filter in order to capture the markets I need. 


      I need to create 30 of these graphs, because we analyze market groups one by one and those groups change. We may add or remove a market from the list of “marketIneed”. Is there any other solution I can implement on order to avoid the hard coding on the measure?



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          I have the sense that it may be doable using the "Group" functionality,

          but wanted to get clarification first on the User Interactivity.


          Do you want the Interactor to select which Markets go into which Group,

          or will you be doing that beforehand and just showing them the graphs?


          If the latter, you right-click on [Market] and select Create > Group...

          This will allow you to arrange the constituents of your 30 market groups

          and give the groups names.


          Then you can put the [Market (Group)] field onto the Filter shelf.

          On your graph, you would just put your market share calculation

          as the dual axis and put your [Market] on the color shelf.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.