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    Conditional formulas

    Jane Wu



      I am having trouble adding a label to my table with conditional formula.


      [Obj Acct] is number and discrete, with the below formula it should work, I don't understand why am I getting *


      IF [Obj Acct]>=401000 AND [Obj Acct]<=401299 THEN "DOG FOOD Revenues"

      ELSEIF [Obj Acct]>=401300 AND [Obj Acct]<=401999 THEN "IO Revenues"

      ELSEIF [Obj Acct]>=402000 AND [Obj Acct]<=403999 THEN "Comm Revenue"

      ELSE "Other Revenues"




      thanks in advance for your suggestions.



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          Okechukwu Ossai

          Hi Jane,


          You are getting * because there are multiple unique values for some fields displayed in the view.


          Using Client Number 44046 as an example, * in the Obj Acct column means that the client has more than one unique Obj Accts. While * in the Revenue Type column means that the client also has multiple revenue types.


          Hope this helps.


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            Jeff Strauss

            A "*" usually indicates that there are multiple values.  Are you able to share a packaged workbook so we can look further into why this may be?  Or if you can supply more of the screenprint that shows what you have on the shelves, then this may shed some light too.

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              Deepak Rai

              Go To Analysis>Uncheck Aggregate Measures


              Also Create an INDEX using INDEX(), Make it Discrete and Drag as First Pill on Row

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                Ankit Bansal



                By any chance are you blending data? If yes and you are blending on the client_number  , then chances are obj account is coming from secondary source and repeating more than once in your secondary data source.

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                  Jane Wu


                  Thanks for the feedback so quickly. I didn't realize I have multiple entries for a client account. I am blending data, and client number is from primary source, where obj account is from secondary.

                  When I use only data from secondary source to build table so revenue types show up.


                  I am linking three data sets together, revenue, budget and return. I am a bit confuse, should I use the sheet with obj account as primary to have all revenue types show up?