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    Disabling the sort option on a dashboard

    Ray Gotts



      I've created a dashboard and am wanting to allow users to use the 'week number' column header as a filter on the other tables on the dashboard.  The problem I'm facing is that they are quite narrow (I'm using coloured indicators as to value), and when you hover over them to select a week, the Sort option pretty much covers the whole element, so it sorts them rather than just selecting that week number.  The screen shot below (not finished article) shows that if I want to filter the other tables by week 1, I can't get to it as it sorts rather than selects week 1:



      I basically want to use the use the dimension to filter the other tables, and NOT sort that table.


      I've seen a bunch of articles around placing a floating 'item' (text box/table etc.) over the dimension to disable the sort option, but that's a pretty dirty fix and doesn't allow you to use the dimension.


      Any ideas how to resolve (turn off the sort option)?