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    Can you kill tabprotosrv.exe processes?

    Michael Moore

      Is it ok to kill these processes if they are running for a certain length of time?  Would it cause any instability or other issues with tableau server?


      The reason I am asking is that our main database is remote hosted and the vendor has indicated to us on several occasions that they are getting alerts for active connections that are hanging out there for over 24 hours, they are concerned that these connections could result in performance issues in the database.  I have tried to shorten the vizqlserver.protocolcachelifetime_in_minutes to 60 minutes and reduced the vizqlserver.protocolcachesize in hopes that this would force those connections closed but since we are new to Tableau and have just begun creating visualizations there is very little activity so these connections can stay active in the cache for a long time.  I am hoping I can monitor for these processes and kill any that have been running for a period of time and that would force those connections closed, I also don't want to just kill the process if it just going to leave an orphaned connection to the database.