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    Age old problem of displaying time

    Scott Williams

      Hi All, Apologies for what seems to have been a repeat question over the years.


      I have been handed tableau, and told to move all reports for a contact centre phone stats across to it.


      I have successfully created/used dashboards in Excel for years, but i am really struggling with time in Tableau. Luckily, i am able to download the reports i require from Avaya and have them in seconds values. I have tried connecting to a DB that shows the values as seconds, and also connected to a DB that shows the values in time values (excel created formula & formatting). The problem is, for week and month data, i have a lot of examples where the time will exceed 24 hours. I have tried to follow a couple of guides online, but have come up blank.


      I really need some help on this as its driving me mad!! I have attached an example workbook of 1 agents monthly data, could somebody look over it and guide me in the right direction? I'm using Tableau 2018.1


      Thanks a lot in advance