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    Compare "if" or "when" all data are select in the filter

    Alex Camatti

      Hi guys,


      I'm thinking a lot to make a field that's look like simple. I have 6 companies that are afiliated, the filters work like a charm when i select 'company 1', 'company 2'... I can get the results that i want. But i need to do an extra calculation when "all" companies are selected in the filter, because the calculation for "all"  cant just SUM the values like tableau do, i need to calculated in a different way.


      there is a way to do the following?:


      IF [Company] = 'All' THEN

           custom calculation for all


           calculation normal that i already have



      or even better:


      CASE [Company]

           WHEN 'All' THEN




      i'm thinking of add a extra option for the filters like "all", to select this option and make the process more easier in the calculated fields, but dont found any solution for this too. All i need is a way to add "all" in my filters to make this calculation. The only solution that i dont want is with parameters, because my project have a lot of complicated calcs with LODs and i dont want to edit this fields, thats why i need "simply" add this extra option.