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    Measured Values and Multiple Measures per Date Measured

    Matthew Japzon



      New guy here;  I'm working on plotting three sets of measured data on a scatter plot (Y axis is measured value and X axis is date).  I realized that I can't plot all three sets of data on a synchronized dual-axis plot (because I have more than 2 sets of data) and after reading some forum discussions, I think the best way for me to accomplish my task is to plot the Measure Values with all three sets of data contained in my "Measured Values" pill.


      Unfortunately, sometimes one data point may be sampled more than once per day.  When selection more than one measured value, it is not possible to select "dimension," thus it is not possible to plot more than one measured value per day for a given measurement.  I've thought about, lets say for Measurement 1, selecting Max(Measurement1) and Min(Measurement1) as measured values, that way I could at least visualize two measurements taken/day, but what should I do if more than two measurements have been take?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Welcome to the Forum.


          I'm not sure that I quite understood the issues at hand,

          but it is sounding like you are needing to show representation

          of multiple dots that occurred on the same day and may have the same value.


          If that is correct, then you will first need to turn off Analysis > Aggregate Measures .

          That will at least separate dots on the same day that have different values.

          It will be tricky to separate those with the same value, but there may be to jitter them

          slightly so that are not right on top of each other.


          If your measures are coming from the datasource and are not calculated fields,

          then you could pivot them into one column using:

          Pivot Data from Columns to Rows


          And then you could put

          { FIXED [Pivot Field Values],[Day]:SUM([Number of Records])}

          on the size shelf to show that there are multiple points at that location.


          Please see workbook v10.3 attached in the Forum Thread.




          If my understanding was completely off base, please adjust the workbook

          and attached datasource to more closely match your setup.

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            Matthew Japzon

            Turning off "Aggregate Measures" was exactly what I needed!


            Thank you, so much!