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    Show Hierarchy into multi-row

    Ph C



      I would like to present my data in following table format.


      However, in tableau, I only can build as following. May I know is it possible remove "Total", and set the whole row as same background color? No background color in child row (left cell of child row is also no color).





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          Simon Runc

          So with a bit of formatting we can just about do this. Tableau is very different from Excel, which employs a Cell-based system (meaning you can individually edit each cell), whereas Tableau operates like a database.


          So first we can remove the Total label here



          Then we can set the Parent Column to Blue here


          And finally we can get the Total row banding here



          Sol we end up with our Table...Excelled!!



          Hope that helps

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            Ph C

            Hi Simon,


            Thanks for your help. May I know one more thing? in your example, Is it possible to set "Office Supplies" to across Category column (merge cell)? Because some of my data are very large (near to 100 characters). It is better if it can show across category column.



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              Simon Runc

              No that I know of, we don't have the option to merge cells. To allow this Tableau would have to let the Category Column contain text from the Department Column. In Excel we can do this, as everything is worked up Cell by Cell (so it doesn't care what you put in each cell)