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    Create a custom table

    Amarnath Mohan



      I have, let's say 9 variables A1,A2,A3, B1,B2,B3, C1,C2,C3. Each of them is filled with Yes/No/Null. Given this, I want to create a table that has 3 rows - A,B,C and 3 columns - 1,2,3.

      So there are 9 cells in the tables and the corresponding cell should contain the % of records with yes. That is if B1 has 5 records with yes, 10 records with no and 20 records which are Null, then the cell corresponding to B1 should show 5/(5+10)=33% and so on.


      Any tips on how to do this?

      I started off by pivoting all these variables and then creating 2 groups - One where A1,A2 and A3 are grouped to A etc. (This is the rows group) and other with A1,B1 and C1 grouped as 1 (This is the columns group). I filtered out the pivot field values to exclude Null. How do I proceed from here?