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    Slowness in rendering dashboard view

    Jagadeesh Kumar Yogamoorthy

      HI All,


      I have developed a report in Tableau to display a Week over week(WoW %)  for a call domain data.


      it is a live connection with Teradata table which has some 5k rows only, as a 'custom-sql' connection.


      Once I upload the dashboard to the tabnleau server, I see there is more time taken for the dashboard to load.(sql query being delieveribng result within 7seconds)


      This dashboard nearly takes more than 40+seconds to show up. And in case any cell in the gridview show in dahsboard is clicked, it again takes 40+seconds to render the view.


      I tried to do performance query tuning rom queryside.
      Anyhelp regarding performance tunin gon dashboard side will be helpful.


      P.S: we couldnt not use extracts here, only LIVE connection is allowed in organisation