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    Is there a way to export a hidden sheet that's not published to csv?

    Tony Chan

      Hi, on our Tableau Server, we have production dashboards published.  Each dashboard is made of many sheets and not all sheets are selected for publishing as we don't want users to see them.


      Is there a command(s) to export the worksheets in a dashboard to csv even if the sheet is not published? (since entire workbook is on server).  If I export the dashboard, it only shows first sheet.


      Running these commands give a *** 404 Not Found error

      tabcmd export "Workbook_Name/Hidden_Worksheet" --csv -t site -f "C:\Temp\Test.csv"

      tabcmd get "/views/Workbook_Name/Hidden_Worksheet.csv" -t site -f "C:\Temp\Test.csv"


      If we publish all sheets the tabcmd works, but we don't want to publish all the worksheets (permissions locked to project).


      We want a way to export all worksheet numbers to csv and schedule the command to run daily.


      Regards, Tony