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    Include / exclude by formula

    Stephen Lloyd

      I have a dashboard that I am filtering by date and value.   I am dragging the slider bar value up to 6 in order to hide all the lines that are 6 and under (there's like 100 of them that are all flat down there). However, the lines with larger values then get chopped off if their data dips below 6 on a future date (See SEM in the screenshot). Now I could go and manually exclude all those below 6 lines and bring my slider bar back to 0, but then if any of those get above 6 in the future, I'd never know.


      So, is there a way to ask the filter to display a line if one of its values is between two dates and two values? Like: DISPLAY {item} IF (ANY) VALUE BETWEEN 6 and 13 AND DATE BETWEEN March and July.


      So, a record that only has values lower than 6 or higher than 13 is excluded.

      MissingImageLog_2018-07-26_6to14percent copy.pngScreenshot 2018-07-26 14.47.33.png