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    LOD vs. table calc to produce department utilization

    Susan Hildebrant



      I am trying to use an LOD calc in place of a table calc, so that it can be nested into other calculations. Here is the background. In the attached workbook using Tableau 10.5, I have created utilization by individual using the actual worked hours divided by the available hours in a month. It works perfectly. I also calculate headcount by department using a table calc (See worksheet labelled "Headcount Table Calc") which results in the correct result. Now, I need to calculate the department utilization by using the cumulative department actual worked hours divided by (month headcount*available monthly hours). I have tried using a nested table calc, but I could never get the correct answers.


      I decided to try calculation the department headcount using an LOD calc ( I am a novice at LOD), but I cannot get the data by month, which varies. This is shown in the Headcount LOD worksheet.


      My ultimate goal is to be able to calculate utilization by department and company total. I am completely frustrated an lost. Here's hoping someone can help.


      I have attached the packaged workbook and an Excel workbook containing the raw data.


      Here's hoping someone can help.