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    Previous period values next to current values as a new column

    rao marapatla

      Hi All,


      I have a simple requirement ,wanted to bring previous values as second column and display next to the current values. attached screenshot and workbook.


      please have a look.




      Deepak Rai thank for your prompt response


      I have recreated based on your suggestion its not satisfying all the combination of requirement could you please relook into it and help me attached new work book.


      Requirement :


      1.I have a Period and Region and corresponding makets,I have a filters on period and regin as well. if I pick 6+6


      report shuld return 2 regions and respective markets  and value1 and in new column I wanted to display value1 as a 5+7 data .


      thanks in advance - attached new workbook with actual data