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    Adding multiple totals to the Tool Tip

    Chris Benfatto


      I am working on a new tableau report and having an issue with the tool tip showing the correct value I need to have on the report.  I have added the total for the selected portion and % for the week, as well as the various attributes for detail.  What I need to add to the tool tip is the total sales for the week as well.  I have tried to build a new measure to sum the week sales but am having no luck with getting it to appear on the tool tip correctly.



      Also, I am having an issue with the multiple filters not appearing on the report all the time.  I have three filters set up on the report that the customer has requested be available.  The customer wants to be able to use all three filters or only use one of them at a time.  The issue I am having is that when I uncheck ALL on one of the filters, the others disappear as well.  I have not found a setting that would allow the filters to remain when one is not used.


      Any help would be appreciated.