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    Calculate Dollar Figure from Percentage of a Sales?

    Torri Demos

      Hi Everyone,


      I really hope someone can help with this; I think I've spent way too much time and have probably overlooked something simple. Unfortunately I can't post detailed data, but here is the question:


      I have a data set that includes an annual sales number in dollars, as well as a "if you follow a detailed plan you can increase your sales by this much" as a percentage for each product category. I am wondering if there is a calculation that I can do to get Tableau to show the current rolling sales dollar figure in a bar chart, and then on top of it it will show the increased sales dollars via the calculation from the percentage for each category (not just a total percentage calc). Or do I need to add a column in Excel and do it that way?


      Again, I have data with:

      • Sales in $
      • Potential sales increase %


      I need to calculate that % into a $ figure to show on the graph... I hope that makes sense.


      Thank you!