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    Ignore value of filter and set another value

    Alex Camatti

      Hi experts, i'm having dificult to make a "simple" calculation. It's very simple but hard to explain. But lets see if you can understand.


      I need to ignore the filter in my calculated field, but need to SUM the values that are equal to a determinated value.


      The problem:

      I have 3 companies, all three are affiliated. 2 of 3 companies (lets call them company 1 and company 2) have sales registred in saturday, 1 of 3 dont have (lets call company 3) sales registred. When i count de "work days" for 1 and 2, i have the quantity of workdays without doing any extra calculation. But, i dont have registers of saturdays for company 3, and my calculation needs to get the work days including saturdays for all companies, and when i filter to company 3, my calc dont show me what i want to see, he show me only the period monday-friday. What i'm trying to do is: when i select the company 3, need to get the workdays of company 1 or 2, its doesn't matter because they have what i want, but because of filter i cant get this. I tried LOD to try ignore the filters, i'm seraching for 2 days a solution but cant see how to do this. The project is very complex and maybe this are ofuscating my logic, this is only a very very small part of total. i Dont tried parameters because parameters are static, and my dates are dynamic, refreshes every 1 month, so cant fix a value to do this, so, parameters isn't a option.


      anyone can help please?

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          It sounds quite complicated.


          I'm not at all sure if this will work for you or for the setup of your data,

          but it sounds to me like it would be beneficial to join your data to an

          external table which is just a single column of all possible days

          (as far in the past and future as you would like).

          That way, you would always have all the days you need regardless of

          the company.


          If you would like to pursue this, please describe your datasource types

          and post a small sample of fake data in the format of your true set.