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    Multiplying Across a Row

    Fabiola Agramonte Bravo



      I am trying to figure out how to multiply all of the values in one row.


      I have this table and I would like another column to be added at the end that is the product of all the numbers in each row.

      How can I do that?


      Thank you,


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          Joe Oppelt

          You need to break apart those metrics into their own measures, and then handle them as you need.

          In the attached, I did it for two of them.  See Sheet 2.

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            Fabiola Agramonte Bravo

            Hi Joe,


            Thanks, that really helped. I've sorted out by quarter and now the calculated field instead of it just being numerators, it's numerator/denominator. This is how I get the %.


            My trouble now is if you see the NA sheet you'll see a row that says total and that is the sum of numerators divided by sums of denominators. How do I get this done in the sheet you created? If I try to add Grand Total it will only sum the percentages an I need it to be (sum of numerators) / (sum of denominators).


            Thanks you for your help,


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              Joe Oppelt

              See attached.


              You need to do the same thing with denominators that I did with numerators.

              And then you need to do SUM(whatever numerator)/SUM(whatever denominator)


              For the record, you could nest LODs into one calc if you don't want to have intermediate calcs.


              { FIXED ... } / { FIXED ... }


              I actually like to have the intermediate calcs just for ease of debugging and for someone else to pick up my workbook a year from now and make changes.  But your sample data has only 4 metrics.  If your actual data has 40 metrics, you'll still need to have a final calc for each one, but what I did here would require 80 more intermediate calcs, and that can get very cumbersome.

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                Fabiola Agramonte Bravo

                I understand what you did but I need the first calculation you initially sent me to still be in the column and the total (the sum of numerators / sum of denominators) to be a row below.


                So it looks something like this in a way :

                Sorry for my awful drawing, I just wanted to show you what it should look like ( with numbers of course).


                I tried to duplicate the Measure Names so I could do the same thing for rows as you did for columns, but I can't do that. I can only place measure names in both rows and columns if I have the same filters for both and that's not what I need.


                Do you think there's a way to do this?


                Thank you,


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                  Joe Oppelt

                  That's more of an excel-like treatment.  Tableau will treat all measures (which all of these calcs are) the same.

                  So what you'll need to do is create two separate sheets -- one for the upper portion of the viz, and one for the totals.  Format them the same and position them one above the other on a dashboard so that it looks like one sheet to the user.