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    Dod WoW YoY LOD Calculations - Poor Performance

    Sara Kim



      I am having issues with performance with the workbook.


      I have a requirement to calculate DoD, WoW or YoY data and using a parameter to filter the view to only view one day's data. Because of Tableau Order of Operations - I noticed LOD'S come before Dimension Filters, I created LOD's to calculate DoD, WoW, YoY calculations. since I need to use dimension filters to select one day's data in the view.


      This is working fine, but problem is performance. I have dataset of 1.5 million rows and nested LOD calculations to calculate DoD, WoW, YoY calculations of about 14 columns. It is taking around 29-30 seconds each time I select a new date parameter, which is very slow for the users.

      Is there any other way I can achieve the same result without the use of LOD's (since i have heard LOD's are bad for performance)? I tried with the lookup for previous day, but when dimension filters are applied, the lookup didn't work? And i noticed Lookups dont calculate grand totals?


      I have three calculated fields to determine previous day, previous week and previous year. Since it needs to be a previous week day.


      I have created the attached workbook using Superstore with the base logic calculations for LOD's and results I need to achieve. Superstore is not a big dataset, so when user selects a parameter it is fast, but in my workbook its slow due to many LOD's and columns.


      Please let me know if there is any other way to get the same result!

      Note: I am using extract and not live connection.

      Thanks in advanced!