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    Show top X values in dashboard after filtering

    Jorny Kuijpers

      Hi all,


      Stuck on my dashboard and would appreciate any input. I have attached the Tableau file for your reference. Working in 2018.1.


      I am creating a bond portfolio analysis dashboard and would like to provide the option to see the largest counterparties based on the top layer of the dashboard (bond type, countries, notional) when clicking on any of the pie chart elements.


      The problem is that, in the worksheet, the top X values are already selected (and shown) and the consequent filtering in the dashboard is only performed on these top X values. What I would like to see is that, if you select e.g. corporate, you would see the top X corporate counterparties. Currently, you only see the top counterparties from the already filtered list. Hence, the list of corporate counterparties you get is always smaller than the value I select in the filter.


      Is there any way to first apply a filter (any filter based on the pie charts) and then sort and view the largest X observations?


      Many thanks for your effort.