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    Count Number of Events Based on Multiple Criteria

    Jalen Asperger



      I have a map of census tracts and I am attempting to map a rate of the number of events per birth by year by census tract (geoid).


      Each row in my dataset is an event, so I want to count each row that meets the criteria of fitting into census tract X (geoid) and year Y. I have a parameter for selecting what year to display on my map and I would like the map to update accordingly.


      I know I need to be working with LOD calculations (or so I think), I'm just not sure exactly what steps to take.


      Basically, I need something like:


      IF [Year Selector] = "2009" THEN (Number of Events for 2009 for this Census Tract) / [2009 Births]


      I think I could create a calculated to count the number of events for each year, but that seems cumbersome and wasteful when (I think) it could be done with one calculated field.


      Thanks for the help!


      I will attach an packaged workbook to give you an idea of what I'm working with.