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    Multiple Choice Field in Tableau not calculating all choices.

    shontia Terry

      I have a multiple choice field I'm exporting from SharePoint into a Tableau


      My issue is that I cannot seem to separate the different choices in the

      field to get accurate data.



      SubmitterDateDef Cause Code
      Shontia7/20/2018HS2 Equipment; LS3 Training; GF5 Guidance
      Susan7/21/2018LS3 Training; FS1 Vacation; Hs2 Equipment


      Tableau will only count or pick up the first choice in Cause Code field. It

      is not counting the additional field choices.

      I tried writing a calculation of IF ELSE, but only the first choice in the

      field is getting calculated.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. (Workbook attached)