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    Top and Bottom N values for a table calculated measure

    Blyton Pereira

      Hello everyone,


      I tried an extensive search of the forum and could not find  anything that solves my problem.


      I have attached a packaged workbook. Please only refer to the data in Sheet ''FD Q3/Q4 2018''.


      Basically I have a calculated field calculating the difference between forecast data released from a previous month and a current month, for different brands. This difference was calculated using the ''Add table calculations'' option.

      The difference is then plotted on a graph on the Rows, and the Brands are plotted in the columns.


      • Now I would like to remove all Null values from this difference graph. (I have tried using the edit filter option on the Difference calculation and selected only Non Null values, but this doesn't seem to remove them)
      • I also want to filter the graph by the Top N and the Bottom N, and lets say as an example N can be 10. (I tried various methods but I think the problem is filtering Top N and Bottom N in calculated measures in Tableau is a bit tricky)


      Any help would be very much appreciated.